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Let's jump while we still have the strength

Frog in pot

Put a frog in a vessel and begin to heat the water. The frog adjusts its body temperature accordingly as the water temperatures commence to increase. The frog continues to adjust the temperature of its body to the increased water temperature. The frog can no longer change when the water comes to a boiling point. The frog chooses to spring out at this stage. The frog tries to jump, but can not, because the temperature of the waters is increasing and has lost all of its strength. The frog died very quickly.

Who killed frog? What killed frog?

Just think about it! Think about it!

I know many of us are going to say the water is boiling. But the reality about what killed the frog was that he could not decide when to jump.

We must all adapt to individuals and circumstances, but we must be sure that we have to adapt and move on. Sometimes we have to face up to the scenario and take suitable action.

If you can use us physically, emotionally, economically, mentally or spiritually, you will proceed. When to jump, let us decide! Let's jump as long as we are still strong.

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