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Questions and Answers About BONES

The study of Bones is called?
Answer: Osteology

Cells of bone is called?
Answer: Osteocytes

Cells of cartilage is called?
Answer: Chondrocytes

The total number of bones in an Adult human body?
Answer: 206

Number of ribs in human body?
Answer: 24

The face of a man is made up of?
Answer: 14 bones

Number of bones in spinal column?
Answer: 33

Number of bones in Ear?
Answer: 3

Which is the longest bone?
Answer: Femur

Which is the smallest bone?
Answer: Stapes

Breast bone?
Answer: Sternum

Total number of muscles?
Answer: 639

Study of body movements?
Answer: Kinesiology

Strongest muscles?
Answer: Jaw muscles

Largest muscles?
Answer: Gluteus maximus

Smallest muscles?
Answer: Stapedius

The breaking of a bone is known as?
Answer: Fracture

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