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Word Substitution For Sentences !

One who does not make mistakes : Infallible
One who is out to subvert a government.: Anarchist
One who is recovering from illness. : Convalescent
One who is all powerful : Omnipotent
One who is present everywhere. : Omnipresent
One who knows everything : Omniscient
One who can do anything for money. : Mercenary
One who has no money. : Pauper
One who changes sides. : Turncoat
One who loves books. : Bibliophile
One who can speak two languages. : Bilingual
A dancer on rope : Acrobat
A person who holds that nothing is known or likely to be known of the existence of God : Agnostic
A statement which is obsolete or capable of more than one
interpretation : Ambiguous
An oval or circular theater with seats rising behind and above each other round a central open space : Amphitheater
A letter which does not bear the name or signature of the writer : Anonymous
A place of permanent residence : Domicile
Government by the people : Democracy
Government by the nobles : Aristocracy
Government by the officials : Bureaucracy
Government by the few : Oligarchy
One who eats everything is : Omnivorous
That which is inherited from forefathers : Ancestral
The secret of transmuting baser metals into gold : Alchemy

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