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Little Lingo Answer Cheats !

1 What does “FAVE” mean? Favorite
2 Translate: lil Little
3 What does “PLZ” mean? Please
4 How do you feel if you text someone this \0/ Excited
5 What is your “ride”? Car
6 What does “haha” mean? Laughing
7 What are you rolling on if you “ROFL”? Floor
8 What does “some1? mean? Someone
9 What would you call an obnoxious person on the internet? Troll
10 What do you want when you ask for “P-ZA”? Pizza
11 “IRL” stands for what? In real life
12 ILY I Love You
13 Who is the Hoff? Hasselhoff
14 How do you feel if you’re “psyched”? Excited
15 What does the “B” in BFF stand for? Best
16 Define: derp Dumb
17 Who is “Ne1?? Anyone
18 What do you have to do if you “G2G”? Go
19 What emotion does this convey? 0_0 Disapproval
20 If someone tries to sell you something “hot”, how did they get? Stole
21 What is a “G1?? Good One
22 What does “NP” mean? No problem
23 If someone is “nuts” what are they? Crazy
24 What does the “W” in “YW” stand for? Welcome
25 Dat That
26 What is “FB”? Facebook
27 What are you telling someone if you say “GN”? Good Night
28 If you’re in the “slammer” where are you? Jail
29 Who is the “Honcho”? Boss
30 “Grub” is a term for what? Food
31 What does “NM” mean? Never mind
32 Who is the girl in the couple known as haylor? Taylor Swift
33 What question are you asking if you ask “RU4Realz”? Really
34 CYA See You
35 If you talk about your “whip” what possession are you referring to? Car
36 What does “TOM” mean? Tomorrow
37 peeps People
38 ”W/O” means what? Without
39 What might a rapper call those who disapprove of him? Haters
40 What does “w/” mean? With
41 What am I telling you if it’s NBD ? No Big Deal
42 What is a “S/O” on Instagram? Shout Out
43 What attribute does an “airhead” have? Dumb
44 “noob” is __ to a game or skill New
45 What does the first “W” in “WYWH” stand for? Wish
46 “Drawers” is a term for what? Underwear
47 What do you want if you need some “chow”? Food
48 What does the “K” in IDK stand for? Know
49 What are you doing if you’re “vegging out”? Relaxing
50 Texting “7K” means what? Sick
51 If something is called “bananas” what is it? Crazy
52 Badonkadonk Buttox
53 Toe up Ugly
54 What does the “K” in “AKA” stand for? Known
55 What is a “Chick”? Girl
56 If something is “weak sauce” what is it? Bad
57 What does the “F” in “FAQ” stand for? Frequently
58 If I’m “Hassling” you what am I doing to you? Bothering
59 What emotion does this convey? Happy
60 Who is the boy in the couple known as bennifer? Ben Affleck
61 What does “YR” stand for? Yeah Right
62 “BC” stands for what? Because
63 If you have “guts” what are you? Brave
64 The first “R” in “R&R” stands for what? Rest
65 What does “BTW” stand for? By The Way
66 How many dollars are in a “grand”? One Thousand
67 What is “hype”? Excitement
68 knockoff Fake
69 What does the “R8? part of “AAR8? mean? Rate
70 What is “Insta” short for? Instagram
71 If you ask someone for their “A/S/L” what is the “L” that you asking for? Location
72 If you “ditch” someone, what do you do to them? Leave
73 If something is “J4F” what is it? Just For Fun
74 What does “ain’t” mean? Is Not
75 If I respond to a question with “NW” what do I mean? No Way
76 What action does this symbolize: { ‘}{‘ } Kiss
77 What is “ammo”? Ammunition
78 “cheesy” means what? Silly
79 IDK I Don’t Know
80 What does the “L” in “YOLO” stand for? Live
81 Whose face in on a “C-Note" Franklin
82 What is a “d00d”? Dude
83 To “chill” means what? Relax
84 What action does this symbolize? o/\o High Five
85 What does the second “S” in “SYS” mean? Soon
86 Pad House
87 What kind of an opinion do you have if you say “IMHO”? Humble
88 What does this mean? :-) Evil
89 What is a “VM”? Voicemail
90 What are you expressing if you say “THX”? Thanks

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