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Ashta Pradhan (council of 8 ministers) of Maratha kingdom

Ashta Pradhan (council of 8 ministers) of Maratha kingdom
Formed by chhatrapati shivaji in 1674.
The 8 ministers with their roles are...
1) Pantpradhan/Peshwa:- prime minister, General administration of the empire.
2)Amatya:- finance minister, managing accounts of the empire.
3) Surnis/Sachiv:- Secretary, preparing royal edicts also responsible for the collection of land revenues.
4) Mantri/Vaknis:- interior minister, managing internal nd external intelligence and espionage.
5) Sarnavbat/senapati:- commander-in-chief, managing the forces and defense of the empire.
6) Sumant/Dabir:- foreign minister, manage relationships with other sovereigns.
7) Nyayadish:- chief justice, dispensing justice on civil and criminal matters.
8) Pandit rao:- high preist, managing internal religious matters.

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