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All Exam Related Questions

(1) Name the only Union Territory which has a High Court of its own? - Delhi
(2) Who was the founder of the Slave dynasty in India? - Qutub-ud-din Aibak
(3) Pradhanmantri Bharat Jodo Pariyojna is
related to? - Development of Roads
(4) Combustion is the process in which? - heat and light are produced
(5) Great Barrier Reef is situated in? - Australia
(6) In India, the longest day occurs on? - June 21
(7) The expansion of D.D.T. is? - Dichloro
Diphenyl Trichloroethane
(8) The book ‘Friends and Foes’ was written by? - Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
(9) The aeroplane that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima was? - Enola Gay
(10) Ajanta-Ellora Caves are situated near? - Aurangabad

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