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What Is Karma Yoga ?

Karma Yoga implies two things
• yoga (meditation) by which the karmas are elevated and purified;
• those karmas by which the remembrance of the Supreme Being (God) is maintained and strengthened.

The loveful remembrance of the Supreme, is not just a "sitting" matter. If we approach meditation from this angle (as only a sitting practice), any real change in practical life takes a very long time. We should not only use meditation to improve our actions but also modify our actions to improve our meditation. In this way, theory and practice should be simultaneous. As the soul takes virtues and powers from the Supreme Soul, it gives to the world, thus increasing the capacity to take and give.

In the sitting meditation, be it five minutes or two hours, the soul dives deeply into itself and establishes an unbroken mental link with the Supreme. When the sitting finishes and the soul has to go back into the world of action and responsibility, the link need not be forgotten. The hands can be involved with the work and the mind can still be with the Supreme Soul.

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