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UPSC Interview Tips !

Types of questions: The main types of questions that you can come across are: purely factual, opinion based or personal questions.
The first, factual category is the easiest to deal with. If you know the answer, take a pause ( don't hurry to blabber). Then, try to answer confidently as you know the answer for ex: 12%. In case you have rough idea, give a range for ex: It is between 10 & 15%. However, if you have no idea, you can politely & calmly say that you do not know, cannot recall the answer.
The second, opinion based, are important questions. Here you cannot say " I dont know". You have to take a stand, and you can be neutral also. It is always best to take a balanced stance resonating with Government stand. Don't be over pro or anti Govt. Also do not fight over a stand. If at anytime you feel you took a wrong stand, accept it! Say " I think I was wrong, I stand corrected." Or " I feel that I was having partial knowledge about it, now I get it". However, in case you do not know the issue nicely, do not bluff!!!! You can simply say that " I have not yet made an opinion over this issue" or " I do not know the issue that well that I can comment on it". That way, you convey you do not know in a sensible way.
The last is , personal questions, like family, religion, state of origin etc. Here you have the liberty of defining your limits. It is your life, and your biodata, so you can direct the interview. For ex: If your hobby is watching movies, you can tell which kind of movies u see, how much u see. If the interviewer asks you weird questions, don't worry! You should tell him, this is all I know & you should know that well!!!

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