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UPSC Interview Questions !

UPSC Topper Gaurav Agarwal: Questions Asked in UPSC 2013
Welcome Gaurav. Take your sit.
1. You had a job. Why did you leave your job for Civil Services?
2. Was there any problem? You were earning good amount of money. Were you not satisfied with your job?
3. I would like to know your opinion on the role of media in 2014 elections. What according to you was the role of social media in influencing the people.
4. Mr. Gaurav, Can you please explain what exactly do you mean by BIOSPHERE RESERVES.
5. Can you tell me the difference between Wildlife sanctuaries, National Parks and Biosphere reserves?
6. Do you have any idea about National Parks?
7. So you are basically from Bharatpur. Do you know the place has a sanctuary or a national park?
8. Have you been there?
9. Mr. Gaurav, how according to you can we protect our environment.
10. Can you tell me what are social costs from the point of view of project appraisals?
11. You were also an actor and editor at college level. You have acted in a movie? Please tell us about it.
12. What was the message of the short movie?
13. I understand it was a fun movie, but every movie has a message to give. What was that you were trying to convey with the movie?
14. Can you please tell us about the pros and cons of Social Media.
14. You are also a blogger. What do you write about?
15. You have also mentioned that you would like to write a book in future. Please tell us about it.
16. You have a good physique. Do you take part in Sports actively?
17. You like Football. What about Cricket?
18. Can you tell us what exactly is the role of a leg umpire in a cricket.
19. What are your views: Should not we use technology instead of having third umpire on the field?
20. Can you please give your opinion on the subject: Government is acquiring land from the poors for the private companies. How do you take that?
21. Can you tell us the difference between vision, Mission, Aim and Objectives?
22. Also tell us about the difference between market economy and planned economy.
23. Have you ever heard about SEZs? Can you please enlighten us on the subject?
24. You have mentioned that your hobby is forming trading views and follwing macroeconomy. Was this not your job? How can then this be your hobby?
25. Do you watch Television? Do you have any idea about the latest trends in TV?
26. Few days back, Ambani bought Network 18. Do you think this will have any effect on the Indian economy or democracy?
27. Can we prevent media from blackmailing government and private sectors?
28. What according to you should a new government to improve the economic sector?
29. Do you think removing the fuel subsidy would solve the problem? if yeas, how. Explain
30. Can we remove subsidy on the gas cylinders? Tell us from the political point of view.
Thank you Mr Gaurav Agarwal. You may go now.

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