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Nirbhaya - India's Daughter?

The banned BBC documentary titled India's Daughter has reiterated what we have been hearing for a long, long time now.
But there is nothing to be surprised, really. The truth is that whatever the rapist and the lawyers said in that documentary, our own politicians and influential people have been saying for ages, and we have not only been tolerating these statements, but our own people have also been voting them to power. The lawyers and the criminals in the documentary shamelessly put the blame of rape on the girl. They blamed the clothes she wore and the time at which she went out of her home. In what was the most horrifying, they even blamed her for fighting back when attacked, and said that she would have survived had she not fought back. What concerns us even more is that the rapists are pretty much reaffirming the fact that vast number of people in our patriarchal society still look down upon women as second class citizens. Sure, not every Indian thinks that way, but those who do need some urgent lessons in equality and common sense. There is no place in our society for sick, perverted idiots who justify all sorts of crimes against women by bringing in our 'culture' into the conversation. Our culture will be what we, the young and educated people of the country want it to be, and the culture we want gives equal rights to everyone. It seems likely that the criminals in this case will get death sentence as their punishment.
But the 'juvenile' will be released in December this year, once his three-year term ends. We feel this is a serious shortfall of our justice system, since the gravity of the crime is too big to justify such a lenient punishment. And that forces us to ask a different kind of a question - will the heinous comments by the two lawyers be punished? We hope the lawyers get punishment too. The mindset-change must begin now, before it's too late. The Logical Indian requests all members to voice their opinion on this issue.

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